Linutop OS Documentation

The Linutop OS is a lightweight Linux based Operating Sytem. More info on

Linutop Documentation Index

Table of Contents
1. About Linutop OS
Hardware requirements
Linutop OS for PC
Linutop OS for XS (Raspberry Pi)
Energy Efficient Computing
Get the OS
2. Download and Install the Linutop OS demo
How to use the ISO image
How to use the USB or SD image
3. Full version Installation
System Installation
System backup and restoration (PC only)
Perform backups
Restore backups
System reset
Root user and passwords
4. Linutop Configuration Panel
Local settings
Display settings
On Linutop OS for PC
On Linutop OS XS (Raspberry Pi)
Network settings
Connect to the local network
Sharing data
Advanced settings (mostly PC)
5. Use your Linutop System
Available applications
Automatically start applications
Main application
Additional applications
Adding Applications
Using Synaptic (PC only)
Using a terminal (PC and Raspberry Pi)
6. Linutop OS security
Security level setup
Back to normal mode
Halt/Reboot in lock mode
7. Hardware
Touch Screens - calibration
Printers (PC only)
8. FAQ
9. Recipes & tips
Prevent thunar network access
Thin client
Terminal Services client
Citrix client
Linutop OS as server
Setting up a web server