Chapter 2. Download and Install the Linutop OS demo

Table of Contents
How to use the ISO image
How to use the USB or SD image

The Linutop OS demo is available online and can be downloaded on the download page. The demo system is provided under three forms:

How to use the ISO image

The ISO image needs to be burnt on a blank CD-ROM.

To burn the image on Windows™, download InfraRecorder and install it. Insert a blank writable CD-ROM and start InfraRecorder. Click on the Write Image button, select the Linutop .iso file and click OK.

On Linux, tools such as Brasero, K3B or wodim can burn the ISO image on CD-ROM.

Reboot your computer with the CD-ROM in the tray. The system will be run from your CDROM drive. Nothing will be written on your hard drive.