Chapter 6. FAQ & Advanced configuration

Table of Contents
How the Kiosk application works
Mini-server of automatic diffusion of the media on local network
External applications
Type of slideshow items
Prestart script
DBus interface
Scheduler (Advanced use)
Adding a font to the system
Prevent thunar network access


Can Linutop Kiosk play HD video?

- Yes Linutop Kiosk plays HD video depending on you hardware.

My screen is black nothing to display?

- Linutop Kiosk has nothing to display, your playlist is empty or the document cannot be reached.

My screen is in sleep mode?

- Linutop Kiosk is in sceen off mode to quit press 'ESC' key or CTRL+Q or Double click on mouse wheel.

How do I quit the linutop Kiosk in full screen ?

-To quit Linutop Kiosk press 'ESC'key or CTRL+Q or Double click on mouse wheel.

Can we use Linutop Kiosk as an Audio player ?

- Yes Linutop Kiosk play any audio files.