Chapter 1. About Linutop-Kiosk

Table of Contents
Getting started with the configuration


Linutop Kiosk is a powerful software for quickly setup a secure web access, a digital signage or a MultiMedia Player. The Linutop-kiosk application is included in Linutop OS and available for PC or Raspberry Pi

Linutop-Kiosk in kiosk mode allows you to setup:

Linutop-Kiosk in digital signage player mode allows you to setup:

The Linutop Kiosk offers 3 modes of operation:

1- Web Kiosk browser mode, for secure Internet access.

This mode allows to restrict various elements to make the browsing session very secure.

2- Digital signage player mode, for video display.

This mode allows to easily configure slideshows (playlist) of web pages, streams, pictures, PDF, sound, and videos locally or remotly.

3- A Web Kiosk Browser and Screen Saver Player Mode.

Both modes can be used at the same time, allowing to use the digital signage mode as a screen saver when the kiosk is not used.

The Linutop Kiosk is divided in two software:

1)linutop-kiosk is the main application (player).

In the Linutop menu, Linutop Kiosk - Launcher entry.

2)linutop-webkiosk-settings is the configuration manager.

In the Linutop menu, Linutop Kiosk - Setup entry. This application is executed with the administrator rights. It defines how the main application will behave.

Linutop Kiosk is included into linutop OS Operating system.

Linutop Kiosk is accessible from the Linutop Menu