Player settings

Hide the mouse pointer

If checked, the mouse pointer will disappear during slideshows.

Mute sound

If checked, the videos will not output sound.

1080p External HD Video player

This option run an external video player using full hardware acceleration. On OS XS (Raspberry Pi) this allows maximum video resolution of 1080p (video can't be stopped during playing),(Some HD videos might require more GPU memory to work properly and prevent a black screen). On PC, this option launch by default MPlayer and require adding acceleration software package. Other command line base hardware accelerators can be configured to accommodate other graphic cards.

Use an external web browser.

You can use an external browser for maximum compatibility. The external browser must be configured in full screen. This option allows you to host an authentication to access a secure web page.

To use another web browser you have to edit this line in the kiosk configuration file (/etc/xdg/webkiosk/preferences)

"external_browser_cmd=chromium-browser --kiosk %u"

-kiosk triggers the kiosk option of the chromium browser (full screen)

%u passes the URL to the chromium browser