Chapter 3. Linutop OS Pro version Installation

System Installation

The installation of a new Linutop OS needs to be done from a running Linutop system. This can be:

You need to be connected to Internet in order to perform the installation.

In the Linutop Configuration Panel, select the Services tab, and login with your email address and invoice number:

When logged in, a list of available OS and configurations will be available. Select the system you want to install. If you don't know which one to select, choose the first one marked as Current:

A new dialog will appear. Plug in a USB key or hard drive. The device will appear in the Target drop down list. Select it.


The target device will be ENTIRELY ERASED, deleting all the data on it if you proceed to the next step.

Click the Apply button:

The system will be downloaded and installed on the selected device. When the end dialog appears, it is safe to remove the device.

The device can be used to boot on the same machine, or an other one.