Network settings

Connect to the local network

The Linutop OS uses Network Manager to handle connections to the local network. This tool can be accessed in the notification zone of the panel, on the bottom right corner of the screen:

A right click on the icon will let you configure the connection.

A left click on the icon will show a list of available devices. If you have WiFi hardware, discovered networks will appear. Click on the one you want to use, and the connection will be enabled. If needed, a passphrase will be prompted.

Remote access

Configure the remote access

The Linutop OS can be accessed remotely if it is connected to a network. The remote access is disabled by default. To enable it, open the Linutop Configuration Panel, go to the Network tab, and click the Configure the remote access service button.

A new dialog will appear, in which you'll be able to setup a few things:

It is highly recommended to request a password for remote access, by checking the corresponding box.

The buttons on the right column will let you manage the remote access service without rebooting the system.

Click on the Quit button when you are done.

Access the Linutop OS

The remote access uses the VNC protocol.

You will need two things to access the Linutop OS:

  • the Linutop OS IP address
  • a VNC viewer

The Linutop OS IP address is available in the About tab of the Linutop Configuration Panel:

A VNC client for Windows™ can be downloaded on the RealVNC website. Install the application and execute it. The IP address of the Linutop OS will be prompted in the Server field. Set it and click Ok:

If you set one, the password will also be prompted. Type it and click OK:

A new window will open, displaying the content of the Linutop OS desktop.

Sharing data

Accessing Windows™ shares

Access to Windows™ shared folders can be done in several ways.


Open your home directory by double clicking the Documents desktop icon. On the panel, select Network menu.

Acces to other shared data

You can install the Gigolo from the package manager to access various types of servers (FTP, SSH, WebDAV, ...).

Share folders from the Linutop OS (PC only)

The Samba allows to share folders from your Linutop system. It is installed by default and you can configure it from the Linutop configuration pannel.

Connect via SSH (terminal connection)

The SSH allows to acces remotely to your computer with a terminal. You can start the ssh server via the configuration panel.

Static IP network configuration

Linutop OS can be configured as a fixed IP using the /etc/network/interfaces file.

auto lo
iface eth0 inet static


Example of file configuration: /etc/network/interfaces