Chapter 8. FAQ

Linutop OS dosen't start?

For PC: Select the BOOT device in the BIOS. Be sure to use the Proper OS, 32bits or 64bits.

For Raspberry Pi:If the Raspberry Pi hardware is a newer version you may try the .img rather than NOOBS or update the firmware prior to boot.

Otherwise there may be an alteration of the media (SD or USB key) so change media or image and therefore re-download.

I'm prompted a login and a password, what should I use?

The login is linutop and the password is blank (unless you've activated the lock mode).

Can I disable the screen saver?

Yes, in the main menu, select System Preferences Screensaver. Change the Mode to Disable Screen Saver.

How can I take a screenshot?

Use Screen capture application in the Accessories menu

Use the print screen key to take a snapshot of the whole screen, and alt+print screen to take a snapshot of the active window.

I want a fancy desktop with lots of effects. Is it possible?

You can enable compiz (if the hardware supports it) in the last tab of the appearance setup tool (System Preferences Appearance).

My system is unstable, what can I do?

On Raspberry, you can have stability problems. Most of the time this is due to the SD card used. We recommend you to use cards with a minimum certification A1 .