Thin client

Terminal Services client

The Linutop OS provides tools to run Terminal Services sessions. This can be done by using either Terminal Server Client (Internet menu), a graphical application, or by using rdesktop.

Using rdesktop will let you automate the connection to the server. To do so, run the autostart configuration tool, select Custom Command, and define a command like:

$ rdesktop -f -k fr
This will connect to the TS server, display le login screen in fullscreen, and use a french keyboard to transmit key events.

Citrix client

Citrix provides an ICA client for Linux, usable on the Linutop OS. You can download it from their website (select the .deb download). Save the file in your home directory (/home/linutop). This file can now be installed using the dpkg package manager:

  1. open a terminal (in the menu, Accessories Terminal)

  2. copy the following command and validate with the Enter key:

    $ sudo dpkg -i /home/linutop/icaclient*deb

To use the client, start Terminal Server Client (Internet menu), and select ICA as Protocol.