Mini-server of automatic diffusion of the media on local network

This script is used to automatically broadcast the contents of a directory on a local network in order to synchronized the media on all players. It is a light broadcast server for players. Each player is configured to display the contents of the synchronized directory.

1. Get the IP address of your other machines

The "About" tab of the control panel allows you to have more info

In the Network section, you can retrieve the IP address of the current machine.

2. Create the main directory containing the items to be copied

In this part, you just have to create the directory containing the files to broadcast.

3. Open and edit the script according to your preferences (all information is in comment), here is the download link of the script:

4. Save the script, go to the "Start Application" section of the Linutop Control Panel.

In the command to enter just type: "bash /path/to/"

You must commit the changes and restart the system for the script to start at startup

5. Configuring the player to display the contents of the synchronized directory

Just add the directory to your local playlist

You can distribute as many documents on as many machines as you want.