Linutop Kiosk Documentation

Linutop Kiosk software is a secured web browser and a Digital Signage player

designed for PC or Raspberry Pi.

More about Linutop Kiosk player.

Linutop Documentation Index

Table of Contents
1. About Linutop-Kiosk
Getting started with the configuration
2. Secure Web Browser
Web Kiosk browser tab
Using an external browser
Web Kiosk browser Security tips
Using the browser
3. Digital Signage Player
Playlist and Formats
Playlist management
Multimedia Formats Compatibility
Playlist source configuration
Screen formats
Linutop TV Server (WEB or Private)
Local playlist (and shared folder)
Updated by USB key
Display settings
Player settings
Other options
Local remote control
Using Linutop remote control
Direct display
Direct template
Direct template example
Sample Template
4. Digital Signage with Linutop TV
5. Network settings
Proxy settings
Linutop Kiosk Network configuration
6. FAQ & Advanced configuration
How the Kiosk application works
Mini-server of automatic diffusion of the media on local network
External applications
Type of slideshow items
Prestart script
DBus interface
Scheduler (Advanced use)
Date and time
Adding a font to the system
Prevent thunar network access
7. Quick configuration- Tutorials
Secure kiosk
View a web page
Display a share drive content
Use the Linutop TV service
Linutop TV service configuration
Linutop TV private server configuration